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SB 553 will come to a vote on Monday, March 30.  This bill has many new updates to better regulate and protect modern cyclists, including: 3-foot passing requirement Use of either right or left arm for signaling Ability to proceed through an intersection, when clear, if unable to trigger the traffic signal sensor BUT, one provision [...]

South Bend Mayor Endorses SB553 ‘Bicycles and Traffic Safety’

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Mayor Luecke has urged Indiana Legislators in Michiana to support the bill that is winding its way through the General Assembly. He has also urged lawmakers to reinstate the 3-foot passing rule, a provision of the original bill that was deleted in the final version by the Senate. Following is the text of Mayor Luecke’s letter: [...]

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Massachusetts passes new bike law

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Massachusetts has passed a new bike law, with a significant effort from MassBike.  As we continue with the effort to clean up and modernize Indiana's antique codes, it can be helpful and inspiring to see what other states are getting done.  It took them eight years and four legislative sessions even in a left-leaning state, but [...]

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