Bike the Bend early registration is open

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Join bicycle riders of all ages and skill levels riding side by side on vehicle restricted streets and trails in and around South Bend, IN. Discover or rediscover the community and the fun of a bike ride. The route stretches from St. Patrick’s County Park in St. Joseph County to Merrifield Park in Mishawaka, IN and [...]

Michiana Bike Month is filled with May events

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A few years back (2005 if my memory serves me correctly), area cyclists joined the National Bike to Work week with a local event centered at the College Football Hall of Fame. Organizers provided coffee, Danish pastry, and a selection of healthful fruits as bikers stopped off on their way to work. Since then…wow. The activities [...]

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Mishawaka Mayoral Election news

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The Bike Michiana Coalition (BMC) sent an online  questionnaire to the candidates for mayor in Mishawaka.  The questionnaire consisted of nine questions. Dave Wood responded, while Craig Fry did not.  Listed below are the questions and answers to the questionnaire from Wood. Since Fry did not respond, the BMC has resorted to a South Bend Tribune [...]

South Bend and Mishawaka government forums

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It's a job interview for the candidates running for Mishawaka and South Bend mayor and common council. It’s a chance for cyclists to meet & greet the candidates, learn their views, and let them know yours. The Chamber of Commerce of St. Joseph County and the Young Professionals Network (YPN), in partnership with the South Bend [...]

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Third grade students are taught bicycle safety.

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Third grader at Muessel School is fitted with a helmetSafety classes are given to all Mishawaka 3rd grade students, and a growing number of South Bend students. As bicycles are used more and more for practical transportation, these safety classes are becoming more important each year. […]

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