How they voted

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As bicyclists focus more attention to the 2010 election campaigns, some will want to keep in mind those candidates with a record that supports safe cycling. In Indiana, there is a good albeit imperfect yardstick for measuring that level of support: how they voted in 2009 on SB553 – the Bicycle and Traffic Safety bill. The [...]

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SB0361 – New bicycle bill for 2010 is introduced

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In 2009 a bill was introduced and passed both chambers of the legislature, but died in the reconciliation process. A similar bill, SB0361 has been introduced by Sen. John Broden. This bill is nearly identical to the 2009 bill as passed by the House. The bill has most of the provisions requested by cyclists, but also [...]

Bike Michiana receives $5,500 for education

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Judy Lee has been piloting safety classes for 3rd graders and has been splitting her efforts between the pilot education program and a search for funding sources. The education program has been a resounding success, and now her search for funding is beginning to succeed.  The Michiana Bicycle Association has donated $1,000 and Memorial [...]

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Mishawaka bicyclist hit by car

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A 14 year old boy was struck in the crosswalk at Niles and Lincoln Way East. From the brief article in the South Bend Tribune, it sounds like this was a classic 'Ride Out from Sidewalk' accident: these accidents account for 0.7% of all accidents where the cyclist is entering the roadway. Read the full story. [...]