2007 Bicycle Traffic Safety Facts Released

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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has published the 2007 crash statistics. There were 698 fatalities and 43,000 injuries. Fifteen of those fatalities were in Indiana, and seventeen in Michigan. The most vulnerable group were men in the 45 to 54 age range; boys aged 10 to 15 were a distant second. The safest group were [...]

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Cycling and Health

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Is cycling good for you or bad for you? Sure, cycling is almost certainly good for the environment, for our neighborhoods and city, and for adding life to your life (although there are some who might disagree with each of those statements). At first it might appear obvious to most cyclists that of course cycling is [...]

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Bicycle Trivia Quiz

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Not trivial stuff here - some pretty important issues I'm not a lawyer, but I have spent quite a bit of time studying bicycle laws and funding. Some of the things I have learned prompted me to write this little quiz. Take the quiz now... Now see the answers... Here's more trivia for people who like [...]

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