Utility bikes now at Walmart: $110+tax

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Utility bikes now at Walmart: $110+tax

Have you ever wondered to yourself:  Why are useful bikes so expensive?  How is the human transport movement going to catch on if the only cheap bikes are crappy 60-pound dual-suspension 27-speeds?

I, for one, have had this persistent dream that Walmart would carry a cheap steel Chinese utility bike.

I’m thinking 26″ wheels, huge tires, enclosed singlespeed drive, coaster brakes, rear rack, front basket, fenders, spring saddle, kickstand.

Turns out they do now! Huffy 26″ Men’s Nel Lusso Cruiser.

Unfortunately they’re only available online, although they ship it free to stores. This one is, though, for $130 plus tax: Schwinn Men’s 26 Delmar Cruiser.

Of course the bearings will be maladjusted and the sizing sketchy, so everyone’s first shot should obviously be The Avenue Bicycle Station.  But for those Americans unlucky enough to not have a used bike specialist like The Avenue in town, it’s encouraging to see Walmart branching out to this new market.  I hope they make a ton of cash, and push prices even lower in years to come!

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