Where You Belong in Bicycling Can Make A Difference

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Where You Belong in Bicycling Can Make A Difference

One of the easiest ways to support and promote bicycling infrastructure development is to support Michiana, state, and national bicycling associations. Everyone can help the cause just by joining and paying the minimal membership dues. All of these agencies need your monetary support as well as your name on the membership rolls. The more we “belong” the more political voice we have in development of Michiana-area bicycling infrastructure. Here is a list of associations that are making a difference in Michiana:
1. Bike Michiana Coalition
2. Michiana Bike Association
3. Northern Indiana Mountain Bike Association
4. Indiana Bicycle Coalition
5. League of Michigan Bicyclists
6. League of American Bicyclists

If you were to join all of them it would empty your pockets of about $125 each year. But it is one of the best ways to spend your money if you want to promote bicycling. All of these agencies have staff and volunteers working around the clock to make changes.

Visit their websites. Once a member, you will get periodic e-news from all of them of things happening in bicycling – legislation, special events, bike rides, etc. — Danny Graber, League of American Bicyclists Certified Safety Instructor

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