Major Taylor Ride

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Jun 192019

The Bike Michiana Coalition will lead a family-friendly bike ride at 3 p.m. Saturday as part of the Juneteenth festivities at South Bend’s LaSalle Park. The 2-mile Major Taylor Ride will circle around Beck’s Lake and Washington Street, honoring the first African American to become a world champion bike racer the late 1800s. Helmets are required. A few will be available at the ride.

​How To Become A Bike Commuter

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Apr 042019

Biking Resources

Many people aspire to bike to work. It’s a great goal.But riding your bike to work the first time can be a bit intimidating.

So we’ve put together this complete guide to bike commuting: it’ll tell you what to expect from your commuting, the equipment you need, things to consider, safety considerations, and a whole lot more.

101 Benefits Of Cycling That Will Make You Love It More

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One of these 3 brands for Michiana trails will help to market area

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Mar 272019

SOUTH BEND — Teresa Sheppard, of Niles, was skeptical of the idea at first — an umbrella name and logo for trails across Michiana — until she came Tuesday to a meeting where three proposals were unveiled.

“I didn’t understand why we need this,” the active cyclist and member of biking groups said at The Salvation Army’s Kroc Center. “Now, when you talk about marketing it to other areas, that makes more sense to me.”

One of three options will be chosen — and perhaps tweaked — to tie together all of the roughly 150 miles of trails and 700 miles of on-road cycling routes across St. Joseph, Elkhart, Marshall and Kosciusko counties and Niles. The Michiana Area Council of Governments is leading the $60,000 trail branding project to help local areas market themselves as fun, active places to live and visit to people both within and beyond their borders.

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What will you say of the 3 proposed names, logos for Michiana trails?

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Mar 202019

That’s part of the scuttlebutt — all true — that will drift through the big red barn Sunday at St. Patrick’s County Park for the annual bicycle swap meet. This is your chance to schlep your old bikes, parts and accessories to sell, then buy bike stuff off of someone else. Or just to talk about the new riding season. There’s no charge for buyers or sellers for the swap meet from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the park at 50651 Laurel Road, South Bend. No gate fee either. Tables will be provided, and sellers can start setting up at 10:45 a.m.

Dress as if you’re going to spend all of the time outside since the barn is unheated. Chat with the sponsors from Michiana Bicycle Association and the Northern Indiana Mountain Bike Association.

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